What exactly does Coverd do?

Coverd delivers a professional, easy to deal with photographer to your event or activity for as long as you need them. The photographs are then expertly curated, edited, touched up if necessary, and delivered to you via a secure digital link from our website.

Where is your service offered?

We currently serve the New York Tri-State area and Los Angeles. Some locations may require a transportation surcharge. You will be notified of this charge before your shoot.

When will I get my photos?

We know how important it is to get your photos back so you can share with friends and family. You will receive your pictures within 48 hours of your photo shoot.

How do I receive my photos?

Coverd maintains a secure online site where customers access their photos from their private gallery. We will send you an alert when they are ready. From that gallery you may download the photos to your own computer, other device, or just let us store them at no extra cost. You may also order prints and books of your photos from your gallery.

How many photos will I receive?

A Coverd photographer will shoot a variety of photographs in an hour. After each shoot, our photographers work with our editing team to curate down to the most technically excellent. A Coverd photo shoot will generally deliver 30-50 digital images per 1 hour period. Before each shoot, our photographers discuss the shoot and goals of the shoot with the client. Ultimately, we want to deliver the shots you want and surprise you with some special shots you had not yet envisioned.

What if my event goes longer than what I booked online?

No problem, the Coverd photographer will stay for a 10 minute grace period after the scheduled finish time, at no extra cost.  After that, you may authorize additional 30 minute extensions with our photographer, whatever you need to get you fully Coverd.