Sports Photography

Sports Photography is one of the most specialized disciplines of all photography. One must have the right camera and lens to capture high-speed action clearly, know about fast shutter speeds vs. lighting, and have a steady enough hand to ensure the image is not blurry. Coverd Photo specializes in Sports Photography and has been hired for countless athletic events by schools, coaches, and parents looking for images they could not capture themselves. It's the championship game—wouldn't you rather cheer on your child than stress over a camera?

Coverd Photo Professional Sports Photography on demand

Some of the most important elements of great sports photography include capturing the emotion and intensity of the athletes, capturing peak action moments such as a touchdown, goal, or jump, and telling a story through the images.

Let Coverd Photo Cover Your Next Sporting Event

In addition to capturing moments of action, sports photographers also often shoot candid images of athletes, coaches, and fans, providing a broader context for the event and creating a more complete story.

Would you rather watch a game with the rest of your family and friends instead of being alone but at better locations for photos?

Call Coverd. Have you been watching your child for years and have few sports images, just for memories? Call Coverd. Covered Photo also has a Video department and can capture entire games as well as create edited supercuts set to music, suitable for Social Media. It is unlikely your child will play sports for a living, and these years on teams are fleeting. Why not call Coverd and create something lasting?