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July 2016

Sports Photography

Sports Photography- Professional Action Shots By Coverd

sports photography

Picture this: you are on the sidelines of your daughter’s soccer game.  Despite the great view you have, watching all the action up close, you are feverishly pulling out your smartphone to try and get a Sports Illustrated-worthy picture of your future Mia Hamm (we can all hope right?).  Unfortunately, the game doesn’t slow down for you to position yourself or adjust focus. While fumbling with your settings, your kid raises her arms in triumph while her teammates mob her after scoring…

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Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham- On Demand Street Photographer

Before social media, going viral meant someone got the flu. There were no ‘posts’ or ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ from millions of people communicating electronically at all hours of the day and night. Passionate cliques and persistent fans spread preferences…