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Bat Mitzvah – Bar Mitzvah Professional Photographers

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a once in a lifetime event in a Jewish child’s life, creating moments you will never want to forget; moments you will want to capture forever in professional photographs to savor for years to come. Nowadays, it’s only the norm to hire a professional photographer to cover an event like this. Here’s the problem, hiring a professional Bat Mitzvah photographer can be expensive, requires significant advanced planning, and often comes with inflexible arrangements (time limits, packaged offerings, limited number of photos etc.). This hypothetical scenario became a reality for Coverd when we were hired by Erik Hartog to photograph his oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in March 2016.

We believe that there is a huge correlation between the photographer’s partnership with the client and their satisfaction. So, to plan a major shoot like the Hartog Bat Mitzvah, we used our proven approach of meeting with the family first, understanding what was important to them, matching a photographer to their needs, and creating a customized plan to meet their budget. Of course, with any big event like this, multiple party photographers are required so it was also important to understand the chemistry between the photographers themselves.

As expected, our Bat Mitzvah photographers hit an absolute home run! The photos turned out amazing and everyone involved was ecstatic with the results. Our two professional photographers were able to capture the energy and vibe of the three-hour party, while also capturing the love and emotion in the portrait shoot that took place the night before at the temple. During the shoot prior to the big day, you could tell how excited and happy the Hartog Family really was. We take pride in working with families like this, partaking in their amazing parties, and capturing the spirit of these people’s lives. The experience we offer at Coverd has proven time and time again that professional photography is easily attainable and doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

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