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Summer Family Portraits

family portraits

Summer is a beautiful season to capture memories with your loved ones, and there’s no better way to do that than by taking family portraits. Whether you’re looking to update your photo album, decorate your home, or create a personalized gift, family portraits are a timeless way to preserve your family’s unique story. Here are some tips for taking stunning summer family portraits. 1. Location The first step in taking great family portraits is to choose a location that fits…

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Summer Photography
Family Photography

What is a Family Portrait Photographer?

A family portrait photographer is a professional who specializes in capturing beautiful and meaningful images of families. They work closely with families to create portraits that showcase the unique personalities and relationships within each family. The role of a…


Get to Know Your Coverd Photographer

Coverd has a network of professional and personable photographers to ensure the best possible experience with our customers. Do you want to get to know the eyes behind the lens? Here is an interview with our star editor and…


Take Better Photos with Help from Smartphone Apps

Cell phone photographers rejoice!  Microsoft is helping us take better quality photos.  The app Microsoft Pix controls the trickier settings like exposure and focus, so all that’s left for the user to do is point, snap, and marvel. While Microsoft unveiled…

Summer Photography
Family Photography

Making the Summer Last Forever

Every year just before the holidays and the New Year, families all over the country send holiday cards to their families and closest friends. Despite the fact that these cards typically arrive at their destinations in the dead of winter,…

Yale University 50th Reunion
Event Photography

Yale University’s 50th Reunion Weekend

Traveling to New Haven, Connecticut to cover Yale University’s Class of 1966 50th Reunion Weekend was a first for our Coverd photographers. It wasn’t their first time driving to Connecticut, or their first big weekend shoot, but it was…