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Summer Photography

Every year just before the holidays and the New Year, families all over the country send holiday cards to their families and closest friends. Despite the fact that these cards typically arrive at their destinations in the dead of winter, many of the photos featured in the cards were shot in the summer. Yes, it may seem a little “Type A” to be thinking about holiday cards in July or August, but family portraits on the beach, siblings playing in the pool, and backyard barbequing with the Grandparents are all classic holiday card shots.

Participating in a summer shoot is not a chore; it is fun, enjoyable, and relaxing, especially when someone else is doing all the work. Take it from Cheri whose daughter Sophie shrieked at the end of their recent shoot in the Hamptons, “that was amazing!” Cheri continues, quoting Sophie, “I am not kidding – those exact words came out of her mouth. Matt was awesome. We have done photo shoots since the kids were born and they never connected with anyone like they did with him.”

At Coverd, we pride ourselves on providing our clients a wonderful experience along with stunning photos.  Coverd professionals understand how to create a relaxed, fun-loving atmosphere to make the most out of the engagement.

The summer is about spending time with your loved ones, sharing experiences, making memories, and celebrating the freedom of the season. Before it comes to an end, school starts up and the chance to catch everyone together disappears once again, do something to preserve those memories. These summer moments are the ones you are going to want to savor forever – let Coverd help you capture them.

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